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- The Ultimate Business Plan Template

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Do you need Funding? Would you like to raise Capital from Private Investors or Venture Capital funds? Do you need a Business Loan from Banks? Do you want to make your business profitable?

Then you absolutely have to write a Business Plan that looks professional.

Do you think that writing a business plan is a difficult task? Have you heard that the average entrepreneur needs 100 hours or more to write a business plan from scratch and now you you feel discouraged in starting writing? Have you already started writing a business plan but got lost on the process?

JUST STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Stop loosing your time and let me help you finish writing your business plan IN JUST 1 DAY! By using my very organized and simple to use business plan template, you will be able to finish writing your business plan in just 1 day. This is the simple method that can make you become a successful entrepreneur without any headache.

My name is Dave Lavinsky, I am one of the directors at Growthink and I've been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start successful businesses since 1999. Our main purpose at Growthink has been that of developing the best business plan methodology. By now, we have helped over 2,000 clients raise more than $1 Billion from venture capitalists, banks, angel investors, and SBA lenders.

As a result, we have received a lot of recognition from the press.

Now I'm offering you this same proven, step-by-step methodology, so that you can write a successful Business Plan for your start-up or small business without effort and in a very short period of time.

Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template will help you raise capital, and create a strategic road-map to grow a successful business -- at a price every entrepreneur can afford! Moreover, you will also receive our instant bonuses the productivity secrets audio training and the expert capital raising interviews!

If using my professional business plan template, you will finish your business plan in 1 day, in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Fill in the Blanks

Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template is an editable Microsoft Word document that walks you through each of the 10 core sections of a professional business plan. The most important thing is that the business plan template is created accordingly to the structure that investors and lenders want to see.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Analysis
  3. Industry Analysis
  4. Customer Analysis
  5. Competitive Analysis
  6. Marketing Plan
  7. Operations Plan
  8. Management Team
  9. Financial Plan
  10. Appendix

Each of these sections are very simple to use because they include helpful exercises and examples that will help you understand which are the information you are supposed to deliver. This will not only help you finish writing your business plan in just 1 day, but it will also help you understand the way in which investors think and what are you supposed to do in order to attract funding.

Plus, you get my "Instant Financial Model"!

When you download Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template, you'll also get my certified financial model in an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel format. There's no need for you to do the math!Just enter your company's figures into the spreadsheet, and you'll have your financial statements and 5-year "pro forma" financial projections in seconds!

Step 2: Personalize

Don't forget to add your business name, address and logo to the cover page! This will will be the final design touch your business plan needs and, after doing so, you will have a professional looking business plan, the plan that reflects your business idea, your company and your brand image in the most attractive and professional way, just as investors prefer it.

Step 3: Print!

Just print your business plan, and you're done!

In just 10 hours or less, you've created a professional business plan. And, most importantly, with no stress!

NOW, you are one step closer to raising capital! You are also the happy owner of a solid strategy for building the business you have been dreaming at.

If you still have doubts due to this question that we generally hear...

Will This Work for MY Type of Business?

STOP WORRYINHG. YES!, this business plan template will work for your type of business!

No matter what type of business you're starting -- whether you're starting a restaurant, non-profit, bar, hotel, coffee shop, or a high-tech biotechnology, website, internet or software start-up -- our business plan template will work for you.

Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template uses the same proven methodology our business plan writers use to develop professional plans for our consulting clients. The Growthink's business plan consultants have helped more than 2,000 clients in 500 different industries raise $1 Billion from Venture Capitalists, Banks, Angel investors, and SBA lenders.

Finish Your Business Plan in 8 hours or less!!

And get also Instant Bonuses - Productivity Secrets Audio Training & Expert Capital Raising Interviews.