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Grab the attention of investors in under one minute

If you want to raise money, you need to show a convincing description of the venture to the investors. That is the business plan.

You can learn pretty fast how to create a business plan.

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But that is not all you need…

You have to learn how to get investors interested in less than a minute.

By having an excellent executive summary, the first section of your business plan.…

Do you have a business plan ready?

Have you started working on a business plan? Even if you have or even if you are just about to send it to some investors stop for a moment and consider the advice below. Read it and make sure whatever you write from now on will be perfect:

A business plan is an index of your thoughts and your business; the first contact investors have with your venture business. If certain points are not touched, the investors will forget about …

Is Your Business Plan Really Completed?

How long have you been working on your business plan? Are you still pondering upon what else should be included in it?

As you are reading this, your are only one step away from finally finishing your business plan.

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In case it is ready, but you are not sure that it has bee tailored to attract investors, stop worrying, you can revise it right away.

Your business plan is your …

Your Business Plan Will Fail Unless…..

You are probably wondering why you have never received a response from the investors, whom you sent your business plan to.  You have probably realized that your business plan probably failed to get the message across.   This could very well be true.

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There are several reasons why your business plan can fail. Some of these reasons are more clearly discussed below.

A. Not showing competitors who are

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