How to Find Angel Investors

Signing up with financial support communities online help match entrepreneurs with potential investors. Now this does not automatically bring angel investors crowding in. In reality, the probability of locating angel investors in this manner is remote; nearly nothing really. Why doesn’t this type of search work? Many angel investors favor investing in a geographical area that is close to them. This is due to the fact that investors most often possess a better grasp of the marketplaces in which they live; more so than a location many miles away. But if an angel investment group requests that you fill out an application on the Internet, it becomes 100% necessary to do so.

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You might be asking yourself, “So, how can I find angel investors?” The next methods are but a few that you can use to locate angel investors:


If you recall the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, that is true, especially here. The beginning of the statement is partly false in this scenario, as angel investors will require you to be reasonably smart and competent in the venture you are embarking on; the last portion is absolutely correct. Having a referral is honestly the simplest way to get together with an angel investor. Angel investors are prone to hear you out if you are referred from somebody they are acquainted with, have confidence in, and already have business dealings with them.


Networking builds on the referral technique of locating angel investors. If you do not presently know anybody that has access to angel investors, just attempt to meet a supplementary amount of the “right people” and communicate your ideas to them, all the while remaining careful to not divulge any vital trade or tech secrets. As more and more people know of your design, it tends to gain favor and the chances increase that a referral to the right angel investor will happen for your venture.

Focused Prospecting

In the USA, more than nine million investors are available. This group is made up mainly of retired business executives and successful entrepreneurs. You might want to look for retired executives in your local area and present your thoughts to them. As executives retired from their respective industries, they will possess funds as well as knowledge to help lift your business off the starting blocks. Current business owners can be excellent sources for connecting with angel investors.

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Most of these angel investors have the funding and are looking to expand their assets through an assortment of ventures. Searching for business owners can be as easy and low cost as pacing a phone call to local businesses or as cost inhibitive as purchasing lists of highly targeted existing businesses.


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