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Contact more than 20.000 Venture Capitalists, Venture Capital Firms Management, Angel investors, VC partners, and Private investors!

Get FULL Access and UNLIMITED searches, and results with full contact details for FundingSavvy's worldwide incredible, easy to use and comprehensive more than 5000 Private investors, Angel investors, Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital Firms database plus more than 20,000 Venture Capitalists, Venture Capital Firms Management, VC partners, hard to find Angel investors & Private investors, with name, business phone and e-mail contact for a 7-day trial Including two excellent guides 'The Easy Way to Raise Venture Capital' guide and the 'How To Approach & Raise Capital from Angel Investors' (you can keep those two amazing guides even if you stop the recurring payments during the 7-day trial!). As long as you don't decide to cancel within 7 days you will continue to access your FULL account that includes the complete database for only $49 per month.

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Raise capital faster and expand your Angel investors and Venture Capital funding circle.


Access more than 20,000 contacts of management team members, venture capitalists and angel investors and more than 5,100 Business investors groups.

Use our software built in custom search engine and create a personalized list of investors filtered by five major criteria:

  • Location
  • Business stage preference
  • Amount of funding needed
  • Type
  • Industry

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eBook: Venture Capital Raising:
The Easy Way

eBook: How To Approach & Raise Capital from Angel Investors

Raise capital quickly, magnify your Investors and Venture Capitalist financing perimeter.

Advantages include:

  • No Strings Attached Access to over 20,000 management members, angel investors and venture capitalist and over 5100 reputable investors groups.
  • Complete access to our Technologically Advanced software system.
  • One-of-a-kind Custom Search Engine.
  • Ability to Create Personalized Investor Lists.
  • Search for Financing by Location.
  • Discover Specific Business Stage Preference.
  • Simple Disclosure of Funding required.
  • Explore by type of business.
  • Inquest by Specific Industry.
  • Swiftly Investigate Secluded Investors Invisible to the public.
  • High-Tech Updating System in Seconds.
  • Simply Click and send private messages to numerous Investors simultaneously.
  • Share in an incredible of functioning capital Globally.
  • User-Friendly Advanced System that takes only Seconds to Utilize.
  • Converse with accomplished Investors, located Globally in over Sixty Countries in Four Continents.

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If you want to know what a company is like, just look at the companies they do business with. Here are a few of our clients…

I could quickly name off another three hundred -- both investors and entrepreneurs that we have helped over the years – and you would recognize many of them.

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