Do you need to Pitch?

Find-out how to Successfully Pitch Your Business Plan!

If you are looking for external capital investment, after finishing writing your business plan, you will have to pitch it in front of potential investors. You have probably already heard that investors care mostly about the business idea and the way in which it is pitched. But how can you deliver a professional pitch without a professional business plan?

The first thing you should know in order to be able to deliver …

Outside Funding

I hope you are well.. I’m wondering if you are looking for Outside Funding, if yes, this could help:

When thinking about writing a business plan in order to achieve outside funding from venture capitalists or angel investors, you should keep in mind the fact that the section that is generally disregarded by entrepreneurs, the one of the management team, is actually the most important section for the investor. You may have the impression that the business idea or the …

But do you want to make an exit or don’t you?

Do you want to make an exit and sell your business faster?

When writing your business plan you should also think about the fact that there are risks associated with your business. They do not only apply to you, but also to your partners and to your investors. These risks do not only refer to the possibility for the business not to grow in the expected way, but also other human variables such as death, disabilities, divorce or departure. Well, …

BP Tips

Hope you are well.

When compiling a business plan take a breather now and then to review your progress. When you finish a draft ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is your Executive Summary a winner?
2. Does your company fit the management team to a tee?
3. Does your business plan satisfy the requirements of an investor?
4. Get them from the word go

When you present your business plan you essentially only have a minute to grab the …

$7,000,000 usd – is this your goal?

When you have decided to write the business plan for your start-up based on your great business idea, you should keep in mind some relevant aspects. First of all, to whom is the business plan addressed? And what is your goal?

Your goal is to raise $7,000,000 or just $700,000?

Well, first of all, to you. As an entrepreneur, you definitely need to sit down and write the business plan for your company as this can help you figure not …

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