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Attracting Angel Investors

If you’re starting or expanding your company, angel investment may be perfect for you. Angel investors are often successful business people and experienced investors, and they can do more than provide funding. They can also provide valuable assistance with starting or expanding your company.

If you want angel investors, you need to know how to attract them. You must know what they are looking for and how they decide on where to invest their funds. Angel investors have four primary …

Want Venture Capital? Follow These 5 Steps

When you are looking for VCs to invest in your business so that you can succeed it is helpful if you know where you are headed before you begin. Here is what you should expect:

1. Communication and Due Diligence

Make sure you prefect your high concept pitch, elevator pitch, teaser email, business plan, and your slide presentation. As part of your business plan the operations plan needs significant advanced attention and the reason for this is because it displays …

Venture Capital Firms: How to Select the Right One

All things are not created equal and the same is true of venture capital firms. They differ in a great many ways so when you are looking for venture capital investment you need to be able to narrow down your search to those firms that are likely to be the most inclined to work with you.

1. Fund Size

Chances are your business is going to need extra equity capital in the future. If the VC has a large fund …

Tips for Pitching Venture Capital Investors

There is basically one purpose when you make a presentation to a VC and that is to get them intrigued about your business. In fact such a presentation is like one that is done in a corporate setting but the VCs have to focus on the essential facts pertaining to your business. You need to be able to answer their questions and back up your answers with facts and figures.

Just as with everyone VCs are subject to time restrictions …

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