What Motivates Entrepreneurs?

When you ask what motivates an entrepreneur, you will get a different answer from everyone you pose the question to. Most people who do not have their own business will automatically assume that the driving force behind most entrepreneurs is money. They couldn’t be more wrong. The driving force behind most entrepreneurs, when you get to the root of the matter, is an idea, and the drive to share this idea with everyone.

Most entrepreneurs have found a problem. This is usually a problem that people have overlooked, something that people simply deal with because no one has ever bothered to solve it. Whatever this problem turns out to be, solving this problem becomes a driving force in the entrepreneur’s life.

Most entrepreneurs will admit that the attempt to solve this problem becomes a very personal quest for them. Solving the problem will require a lot of learning and experimentation. In order to create a product that will solve the problem efficiently, the entrepreneur must learn how to approach the problem, and what they can safely do to fix it.

In solving this problem, many entrepreneurs end up creating a product. The desire to solve a problem becomes the drive to solve this problem for everyone they encounter. In their dedication and desire to help the people they come in contact with, the product that is created by solving the problem ends up being widely advertised and hopefully purchased by consumers.

Once the problem is solved, each entrepreneur finds themselves driven to share this product with the world. This product has solved a long-standing problem, and will make everyone’s lives easier. However, getting people to understand that they need this product can be challenging. The entrepreneur will need access to continuing education if they hope to keep up with the challenges posed by modern advertising and product creation.

In advertising the product, many entrepreneurs suddenly find themselves with customers and employees. Adding these to the equation causes an additional urge to rise in many entrepreneurs, and that is the desire to make, and keep, people happy. Serving other people by providing a quality product that solves a long standing problem becomes the passion of the entrepreneur.

They find themselves doing everything they can to further improve people’s lives, while still focusing on spreading the word that the problem has been solved, and still trying to find even better ways to solve the problem than they originally did. This becomes a source of joy for many entrepreneurs. However, there is a fine line between serving people, and letting them walk all over you. The entrepreneur will have to learn where this division lies, and learn what is best for both their customers and themselves.

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The final product of this process becomes the entrepreneurΓÇÖs personal vision of success, and their commitment to make themselves successful. This is normally a secondary part of the process. It isn’t so much that the average entrepreneur wants to become rich and successful, but that their success is a measurement of how well they ultimately solved the problem that drove them to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur in the first place.


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