10 Things to Answer in Your VC Presentation

Your presentation will only be about twenty to thirty minutes long, so make sure the slide show is short. However, be ready to answer questions about your company.┬á Know what’s going on.

These are the ten main questions you should answer during your presentation:

1.   What does your business do for income?  Briefly talk about what your company does.

2.   What is level of growth are you on?  Is it the seed, early or late stage?

3.┬á┬á What positions your company to be successful?┬á This will probably be the point of most importance for your company.┬á This will answer why your company and none other is the one that should handle your customer’s demands.┬á Why should your company get this privilege?┬á┬á Maybe it is the wonderful executive team, proprietary technology, main partnerships with other companies or possibility something else that makes your company unique.

4.   What market demands can your company handle?  Based on the third party research that you have conducted, provide proof for why your targeted market needs what you are offering.  What are your customers paying good money for? What other things would they purchase if they had the chance to get them from you?

Click here to discover how to successfully pitch to VENTURE CAPITALISTS <= 5.   What are your markets of competitions? Utilizing the research from third parties, exactly who should your targeted customer be? Where are their main resident locations?

6.   How does your business get its money? Map out your main sources of income: customers buying directly, affiliate marketing, advertising or some other sources.

7.   Who/what  appears to be the  competition? Who is having to compete against you?  What are the strong and weak things about them? What will you do to win over the competition and lay down barriers surrounding your customer foundation? Do not forget that competition means anything that satisfies the same demand that your company does.

8.   Who is your management team and how are they qualified for this team? Let investors see why your management team should be trusted.  Have you worked with each other for a long time? Does this team have a successful history of growing companies?

9.   What have been your main past and future goals?  This should be a history of your business.  Start at the beginning and work all the way to the future.  Discuss the main products that will be created, strategic partnerships that will be created, services that will become available to the public, marketing strategies that will be initiated or revenue goals that will be reached.

10.    How much money do you have to have? Investors want to know about the huge returns over a short period of time.  Keep this in mind when you tell them how much capital you want to get from them.  Convince them why it is a stable investment by utilizing real financial estimates.

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