1. I want start milk busseness please help me with the advice and capital can I start the business

  2. I need help financially

  3. Thanks to you

  4. There so many online jobs there but am not getting any when I click the last link the answer I get is we don’t allow citizens from your country.why?????.Joseph

  5. please i need some advice from you people on how to hep the youth in our community

  6. Am interested in business so what is this about?

  7. Thanks,great tips,but i am in fixed right now

  8. I want to learn more 8 figure formula

  9. I need help, financially….

  10. i need your contacts ,email ,location and application form

  11. my esteem dream is to be millionaire but aim wondering how ican become a millionaire while aim borne from a humble family

  12. I will like to know you, and work with you but how?

  13. please kindly assist me to give instruction to make cool money thanks

  14. Only money

  15. I find it useful…Thankyou alot

  16. i don’t have any comment


  18. whats all this

  19. Dear Sir

    We write to apply for a funding towards our compassionate Business Family Trust which is geared to become our own donors to serve the suffering or disadvantaged people mainly Orphans, Child- headed families, Old aged and also build churches, Orphanage centers and trust, Schools and training centers/ colleges in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique.

    For more information please visit us on our website:

    This are the needs we are seeking about Start-up Capital of 25 Million- 50 Million US Dollars for us to venture into business family trust supporting projects in order for the trust to serve the disadvantage as mentioned above. The Projects Budgets are as Follows:

    Start-up Capital(Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa)each need about 15 Million US Dollars.
    We will be ready to send the disbursements of each country budget.

    Thank You

    Yours Faithfully
    Mr. N. Gorekore(Founder/President)

  20. Require Investment for the business of invastnent casting

  21. i got problem with my credit card, can i pay by transfer to your account? thank you

  22. How can do this! Where when?

  23. how do i become a millionaire

  24. hi am paul waweru from kenya and i realy need cash thank you

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