DonΓÇÖt Let Your Over-Optimism Prejudice Your Business Plan

Any business plan has to have a certain level of optimism. But how much is too much?! It would be great if we had a magic ball and foretell the future, to see whether or not our goals are going to have a positive outcome. We cannot say with certainty what the future has in store for us. Still, we can have a grasp of what the future may hold. It is important to know where to look for the signs. So, try to find out as much as you can about your business, people, industry, target market and competition. A good knowledge and understanding of the environment around you is crucial, especially for a good leader.

Of course, I am not suggesting a non optimistic approach of the business plan. Optimism is important in order for you to be motivated. A total lack of optimism can bring disaster to a company. No one managed to do anything great or even do anything at all without being optimistic. Still, donΓÇÖt let vain hopes lead the way to a breakdown!

An optimistic leader shows confidence and ultimately, shows investors that you are able to do what you set your mind to. Also, you have to show everyone a sense of realism in what you do. Look back at what you have accomplished so far and try to do more and better, being led by strong principles. Be the person who enables people to hope for more, to try to do more, to believe in an idea or concept. Be the leader that you need to be by encouraging others to do almost impossible things, but in the same time calculate the potential risks very carefully. You will not only let yourself down, but others who may never trust in you again.

Be credible and in the same time create excitement for your people and for potential investors who will both see your business plan in a positive way and also in a realizable and profit bringing venture.

The business plan represents your company, so it should look very much like it. DonΓÇÖt glitter it too much and donΓÇÖt oversee your achievements either. After all, it should be the key to success and not the one leading the company you to failure.

To conclude with, my advice to you is to have everything in a moderate way and be comfortable with your choices! The best of luck!

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