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Are you looking for external capital in order to fund your venture? Does your company need some more capital in order to perform at its maximum capacity? Do you lack the initial capital for your start-up business? The most important thing you have to do is to concentrate upon your business idea and the methods you will use in order to grow it.

VCGATE is a data base which provides information about more than 5100 investors worldwide who are just looking to hear your business proposal. On this data base you can find more than 15000 direct contacts towards key investors all over the world. The software allows you to enter your companyΓÇÖs data and refine the search amongst investors so as to find the one suiting you best based on their history of funding.

Click here to download your data base of investors now! <==== You can also take advantage of the direct mailing feature that allows you to save time in the process of applying for funding to angel investors, venture capitalists or equity investors. The data base is continuously updated, providing you the newest and most accurate data on the market. So, if you are looking for external funding for your company, this is the best and surest path you can follow because it makes you save time and it prevents you from the headaches a disorganized search could provide. Click here to download your data base of investors! <====

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  1. But what if I have several fields of activity related to my business. How will I find investors for all of them?

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