Funding gurus are dead wrong?

You have probably learned by now how hard is to get the attention of investors. And the main reason for this is that you are probably doing what everybody else is doing, a strategy that does not work.

You need to learn how to really go about raising venture capital from the guy that has managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for companies ranging from start-ups to the already successful medium-size companies.

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You`ll be surprised to find out that it is almost impossible for entrepreneurs to write business plans well and also that investors don`t really have time to read them.

We are not saying that you don’t need a business plan. You definitely should write a business plan, investors will read it before signing a deal, but this is not the tool you should use to attract attention.

There are other, rather simple strategies that you can adopt in order to get the attention of investors and start raising serious money.

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  • The big secrets behind hundreds of companies that gathered funds in just a few weeks.
  • The step-by-step formula to convince investors to invest.
  • What investors actually read instead on business plans.
  • What investors look for in a company and what you should focus on.

Some ways of convincing investors work and some don`t. Why waste your valuable time on the ways that don`t bring results. Learning from the ones that have found the secret formula will be an investment of time and energy that will result in millions of dollars.

Learn how to find and arrange meetings with investors and how to close the deal. You are focusing on all the wrong methods. Entrepreneurs who make it know the secret formula to success.

Find out the key of raising venture capital that escaped you until now.

Good luck,


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