How to get prepared for a Pitch

Running a company doesnΓÇÖt only mean having a business idea and hiring people to work for you as you gain more and more money, it implies a huge amount of work from your side as well. It is not only the administrative jobs you have to perform, thereΓÇÖs something more to being a successful manager. Although young entrepreneurs are generally not aware of this thing, management is more about people than about the business because you can never have a business without people.

Click here to improve your pitch formula <==== So here is a series of advices about what to take into consideration when you first meet with somebody. All these information are just as true for the moments when meeting with venture capitalists or angel investors as they are for the moments when meeting with important clients. You should keep these suggestions in mind every time you go in a pitch:

  • Take time to visit the website of the company with which you are thinking about collaborating. All venture capital firms have their own sites where you can find important information about their funding history and about their successful business partners. You can also find important information about their target, their main areas of interest, their policy of funding and their achievements.
  • After you have booked an appointment with a venture capitalist in order to deliver your pitch, google the person you are about to speak to. This is how you can find important information about your addressee which you can use to your advantage when going into the pitch. You can find out information about their professional status, about their education, their passions, their interests in the business world.
  • Search for a photo of the person you are about to meet. This can help have a more relaxed attitude when finally meeting that person. This step is mostly helpful for your unconscious side of the brain because the fear that causes us to protect ourselves from strangers will disappear and you will feel more comfortable in delivering your pitch.
  • Find out the latest news concerning the company. These information are to be found out through internet as well and they can give you an idea about the mood the persons you will meet are going to be in. When a company is profitable and successful, the persons who are working there tend to be happier. This can help you understand which attitude you should adopt for your pitch.
  • Prepare the top objectives you would like to present in the pitch. Remember that the average time frame for a pitch is 30 minutes and do your best in presenting the most important aspects of your business in this period of time. Making investors understand your objectives and the way in which your product will solve an existing problem that can be found on the market is essential. You donΓÇÖt have time to go into details in a pitch; your business plan should provide all the other necessary information that investors should have. So consider which the essential topics to be discussed are and leave the other details to be discovered from your business plan. After all, we are talking about high-trained investors; they will know what and where to look for information if they are interested in your company.
  • After having all these information prepared for your pitch, relax and do your best to deliver a high-quality discourse without showing off because you know more things about the persons standing in front of you than they know about you.

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