How to Get Your Business Plan Noticed By Investors

Do you need investors to really notice your business?

You are going to need a business plan, there are some dos, and don’ts you should be aware of when creating the plan that gets noticed. A good business plan once created with dos and no don’ts will take you along way. Plans that include the don’ts get a one-way ticket to the trash bin.

Automatic Trash Fodder

Investors are seeking your mistakes, once they hit a mistake in your plan the interest is gone and so are any hopes of receiving an investment. Here are the most commonly made mistakes:

  • Market Size Overestimation- For instance if you are in the health care field, which is a trillion dollar market, you cannot say that your market is that large. You will have to find the percentage of the whole that is your particular niche.
  • Competition Do not Underestimate- Practically no company is without competition so never state that you have none. This will only prove how na├»ve you are.
  • Overestimating Results- Be careful when stating your operating margin, revenues per employee and market penetration. If these are inconsistent, weak or unrealistic your business plan as a whole will suffer from lack of credibility

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These are the major don’ts in creating your business plan; the only attention this type of plan will get is negative. Now, on to what you should be doing or the do’s.

Find Growing Market- Unmet Needs

It is imperative that you provide proof to your investors that you are operating in a business that is large and growing. There should be a compelling and clear need for whatever you have to offer. This is the number one piece of advice according to Growthink, a business consultancy. Reference reliable sources when it comes to projected growth and size of the market.

The problem is that a large market, profitable though it may be, will have a lot of competition – which is why you must have barriers to entry.

Barriers to Entry

Barriers to entry are pretty much what it sounds like, anything that prevents the competition from intruding into your field. These barriers can include exclusive information, proprietary technology or a perfect management team with a proven track record. This is the one way you can set your business apart, conclusively, if you can prove your barriers. What it boils down to is you have a business, in demand and only you can fill that need.

Download your business plan template now!

Cases for Example

One way of increasing faith in your business is to provide example cases within your business plan. When you find a company similar to yours that has done something successful, share their story. However, do not stop there; you also have to show how your business can do the same thing in a different huge market while holding barriers to entry at the same time.

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