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Why Do Angel Investors Invest In Startups?

Angel investing, just like any other investment in a startup carries a lot of risk. Most angel investments don’t end up providing the investor with a return, let alone paying dividends. In light of this, why do angel investors put their money at risk backing new ventures? Keep reading for four of the reasons that an investor might take this kind of risk.

High ROI

Like other high risk investments, investors can lose only as much as they have put …

Finding Angel Investors

It takes more than getting involved in an online funding community to attract the attention of angel investors. In fact, your chances of finding the kind of investors you’re looking for this way are virtually nonexistent. Why doesn’t this work? The answer is actually pretty simple: angel investors almost invariably choose to invest in their immediate vicinity, since they know their own local markets best.

You may be wondering how you can best attract angel investors if going online isn’t …

Finding Angel Investors For Your Startup

In spite of the fact that you might have joined an online angel investor funding commmunity, you’re not going to have angel investors beating down your door, just waiting to you give you money! As a matter of fact, most find that finding an angel investor in this way is next to impossible! This is because the average angel investor doesn’t want to do business with someone located far away from them. The typical angel investor only wants to do …

Attracting Angel Investors

When you are in the process of seeking out angel investors, try to place yourself in the place of the angle investor. If you were acting as an angel investor, what factors would motivate you to give funding to a new startup?

The aspects that an angel investor will look at are management and marketing. Your angel investor needs to see that the products that you want to sell appeals to a market that is broad enough to make your …

Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalists

What’s the difference between a venture capitalist and an angel investor? Quite a few, as it happens, but for your purposes as an entrepreneur in search of financing for your business, there are four important differences which you need to be aware of.

1) Management/Advisory Participation

Venture capitalists almost invariably take a hands-on approach to their investments and their funding comes with conditions. They’ll usually want one or more seats on your Board of Directors to make sure that their …

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