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Equity Capital Pros And Cons

When you’re about to begin the process of raising capital for a new business, there is one very important decision which you’ll have to make: whether debt financing or equity financing is a better fit for your business. Equity financing includes venture capital, as opposed to loans from banks and other traditional financial institutions, which fall into the category of debt capital.

The biggest downside involved in raising capital, whether debt or equity capital, is that it is necessary to …

How to Evaluate Equity Financing Sources

In past articles, we discussed the things that entrepreneurs must do in order to impress angel investors and venture capitalists in order get secure equity financing. We have discussed business plans and presentations in this line.

But did you know that you must also evaluate the sources of equity financing in the same way that you are being evaluated by them? This is, after all, a two-way street where you are being given the funds to start your business while …

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