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Three key elements form the underpinning of any persuasive business plan.

Market Research

The first thing any investor will want to know about your company is its potential for growth within its market. That means you must find data that reveal the presence of a large, expanding market for your company’s service or product. Furthermore, the data must prove that your product or service is something customers need, not just want.

Depending on the nature of your company, your market research can come from various resources: reports from trade, educational and …

Creating a Persuasive Business Plan

A good business plan is based on solid data and not merely an idea. For entrepreneurs who are highly creative and idea driven this may come as a slap in the face. If you are an entrepreneur with a creative side all is not lost, you can still prove to investors that your idea is worth banking on, simply put your research skills to work to obtain the supporting details!

A business plan is built upon three major elements, these …

Top Three Questions You’ll Get From Venture Capitalists

When you’re presenting to a venture capitalist, there are three issues you should be prepared to talk about that are important to every venture capitalist. This information must be part of your discussion with venture capitalists.

1. What’s your exit plan?

The reason venture capitalists invest is to receive a return on their investment. When will your business deliver one? If there’s no return, there will be no investment. The most common types of exit events are acquisitions by other …

Business plan tips: Documenting Your Company’s Exit Strategy

Your exit strategy motivates your investors. Each investor wants to know how they can cash out of your company and obtain a suitable return on their investment. In short, they want to know your roadmap for getting them from Point A (funding your company) to Point B (cashing out).
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The future is always hard to predict, so you might not currently know the answer. However, all investors worth their salt …

Answer this and writing the business plan will be easy

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Ask yourself these three major questions before writing your Business Plan:

1. How much money do I need?

Do not just guess. It is better is your are specific to the dollar and come up with different ways of actions depending on how much money you raise. The common question venture capitalists ask is how you would use less money than you …

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