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Need funding?

If you need funding, then you need to do 1 thing first…

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What Entrepreneurs Really Crave

Becoming an entrepreneur means following your own path and being completely in control over your work life. The freedom to make your own choices is at times intimidating but always exhilarating, and for many entrepreneurs it’s what drives them to pursue new ideas and projects. Most people entertain the idea of making it on their own, but few have the guts to turn their dreams into reality. If you are a determined and fearless type of person who dreams big …

This spread fast [amazing]

I never thought I will be blown away from the information in a newsletter, but this blew my mind and it is spreading fast although it will get to a limited number of people.

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Among other I found out what is the 1 critical ingredient every business needs in order to grow and what are the 4 steps I should follow to increase my revenues.

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I suggest you hurry …

Why All Great Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

If you’re just starting up in the business world as an entrepreneur, you probably have only a vague idea of what you are doing. You know that you have a good product, and that you want to sell it and share it with the world, but actually managing all of this can be confusing. Having a mentor that you can rely on will be extremely helpful to the entrepreneur who is just starting out.

When you start up a business, …

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, which is also known as crowd financing or crowdsourcing, is a new finance-sourcing mechanism in which members of a network (usually an Internet network) pool their money to finance social or commercial ventures initiated by other people or companies. These ventures can be anything from making a movie to helping disaster victims to creating open source software to online journalism to start-up funding to making music.

Crowdsourcing finance has been made possible because of the social structure of the …

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