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What Entrepreneurs Really Crave

Becoming an entrepreneur means following your own path and being completely in control over your work life. The freedom to make your own choices is at times intimidating but always exhilarating, and for many entrepreneurs it’s what drives them to pursue new ideas and projects. Most people entertain the idea of making it on their own, but few have the guts to turn their dreams into reality. If you are a determined and fearless type of person who dreams big …

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Why All Great Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

If you’re just starting up in the business world as an entrepreneur, you probably have only a vague idea of what you are doing. You know that you have a good product, and that you want to sell it and share it with the world, but actually managing all of this can be confusing. Having a mentor that you can rely on will be extremely helpful to the entrepreneur who is just starting out.

When you start up a business, …

What Motivates Entrepreneurs?

When you ask what motivates an entrepreneur, you will get a different answer from everyone you pose the question to. Most people who do not have their own business will automatically assume that the driving force behind most entrepreneurs is money. They couldn’t be more wrong. The driving force behind most entrepreneurs, when you get to the root of the matter, is an idea, and the drive to share this idea with everyone.

Most entrepreneurs have found a problem. This …

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