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To Receive Funding, Your Business Plan Must Answer Three Key Questions

If you want to receive funding from venture capitalists, your business plan must answer three key questions. Here they are:

What are your funding requirements?

Don’t just toss out any figure. Instead, specify the amount you need, but be prepared to operate your business differently, depending on the amount of funding you actually raise. If you prioritize the essentials for your business and identify what can be eliminated, you’ll be prepared to answer a common venture capitalist question: What would …

Answer this and writing the business plan will be easy

Watch this free presentation and find out how other entrepreneurs wrote their business plans in just one day!

Ask yourself these three major questions before writing your Business Plan:

1. How much money do I need?

Do not just guess. It is better is your are specific to the dollar and come up with different ways of actions depending on how much money you raise. The common question venture capitalists ask is how you would use less money than you …

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