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Do you feel that no matter what you do you can`t find the time to finish the business plan? Do you think that you don`t really know how to write it and you are not sure what info you should put it and what to exclude? All the entrepreneurs I have helped have been in your position at some point. All they needed was some good advice, some good tools and after that, they all wrote their business plan in about eight hours. And guess what? Almost all of them, near 2000 entrepreneurs, have gotten what they were looking for: funding and a clear view on their business.

The most important thing you have to do before starting to write the actual business plan is to ask yourself 10 questions. Those questions are extremely important and can clear your mind and help you convert all those ideas you have about your business into a clear and concise plan that is destined for success. I will help you figure out what are those questions. I have tried and failed many times so you don`t have to. I have interviewed many venture capitalists, worked with them and I know exactly how they work and what they look for in a business plan.

An investor only looks over a business plan for less than a minute as every day hundreds are mailed to him. Do you think you have more than one chance to make an impression? You don`t. Everything has to be perfect from the beginning.

Would you like to learn how to create a perfect business plan in just eight hours?

Visit my website <==== now to find out how this can be done. I will give more free tips and tell you the 10 questions you need to ask yourself. Go now and watch the video <==== that could change your life.

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