What do Investors look for in a Company?

Most entrepreneurs decide to start their own business because they are tired of being bossed around by a bad manager or because they want to have the liberty of using their creativity more and they want to gain more money out of it. But, in order to make it as an entrepreneur, you have to have more than these impulses. You also need a business idea that can be translated into money. Staring your own company can help you gain all the elements named above, but there are plenty risks and responsibilities that come along. The first thing you have to take into consideration is the amplitude of your business. If you are seeking to develop a small, local business, that means that your initial costs wonΓÇÖt be high and you can provide them on your own or with help from your family. But what if you are looking for developing a big company that requires a high initial capital? The simplest solution is to seek help from venture capitalist or angel investors.

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In order to be able to raise funds from these sources you should take into consideration their demands and the measure in which you can satisfy these demands. All investors are interested in companies that are based on a very viable business idea that comes to fill a gap in the market. Another feature this company should have is that of rapid growth. Investors want to have returns on their investments the sooner the better. And they would like these returns to be just as high as possible. This means that you have to interest them in a business that will have a huge impact on the market in a very short period of time. If your business idea doesnΓÇÖt satisfy these demands, your chances of raising capital are rather small.

All these features can be seen when looking at the business plan of a company. When professionally done, a business plan can provide all needed information about the possibility the company has in turning into a big success. By stating your niche, the degree of demand on the market for your product, your expertise in that field and your financial needs for creating your product, you state the measure in which your company can grow and the period of time in which the growth can be accomplished. These are important elements for investors. So the first thing you should do before asking for funds is to write a professional business plan.

Another thing you should know is that there are plenty investors out there and each of them has a different perspective about what makes a business idea sell. They have different educational backgrounds and they specialize in different fields. So, before sending your business proposal to investors, you should consider investigating their funding history in order to see which the type of business they are mostly interested in is. By doing this you can gain time and strength. Not sending your application to somebody who will not be interested in your offer means not losing any time in trying to convince them about something they reject as a principle and not losing your confidence in your product after being repeatedly turned down. In order to obtain funds you have to write your business plan as to suit the desires of investors and to find the investors who are more likely to be interested in your business proposal.

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  2. Can you give some piece of advice on how to find the investors that are more likely to be interested in my business? I have a start-up company that produces mobile applications. How do I know which are the investors who will be interested in my business?

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