Why is Establishing a Goal so Important for Your Business Plan Success?

When you have decided to write the business plan for your start-up based on your great business idea, you should keep in mind some relevant aspects. First of all, to whom is the business plan addressed? Well, first of all, to you. As an entrepreneur, you definitely need to sit down and write the business plan for your company as this can help you figure not only the costs that your business entails, but also its capacity of growing and becoming a leader on the market and the possible blockages you may encounter on you way to success. But the business plan is also essential for your future employees as it is the first document that states you businessΓÇÖs goals. Most importantly, your business plan is crucial for the investors who can help you get funding.

Click here to download the Business Plan Template for your venture <==== Another question you will ask yourself is ΓÇô what is the purpose of establishing a goal? Well, as you start-up your business based on the assumption that the market demand is rather high for your product or your services, you should also think about how to relate with clients and your personnel. This is where the vision statements come in. When writing your business plan you may be tempted to only analyze the position you would like to reach on the market. But you should also think about the means of getting there. These are the benefits vision statements provide. You have to establish your companyΓÇÖs goal in order to know where you are heading. Stating your goal in the business plan helps you convince investors faster and making everybody understand more clearly what they have to do in order to sell the products or services you provide in order for you and the investors to obtain the wanted growth along with the figures the business entails. But, in order to reach that goal, you need powerful management and vision statements. These vision statements provide data about the market and its demands, about the milestones you should state in your business plan which can help you organize the priority of your actions, and about the way in which you have managed to reach a certain target. Even though your initial vision of the project may change along with the accomplishments of several key activities, the goal of the project should not change at all. If ever faced with the thought of changing the goal, you should better consider enlarging your business such way as to entail the new objective. Because just changing the initial goal can lead to the instability of your company as employees and managers will have difficulties adopting their way of working to a different goal than the one they used to work with. Changing the goal can lead to the necessity of dismissing old personnel, hiring new people, training them and managing to bring them to the performances of the previous team. You can now easily imagine what a changed goal can do to a business. Moreover, if working with invested funds from venture capitalists or angels, you should think about their reaction to a modification brought to the company goal. Click here to download the Business Plan Template for your venture <==== So, if you want your business to be successful, donΓÇÖt invest only in your brilliant idea, but also in the way you envision it become reality. Establish a goal, find proper managers to run the company towards the goal, and, before submitting your business plan to an external investor, make sure to note down the vision statements that can provide reliable milestones in the development of you idea.


  1. I went to tons of links before this, what was I thniikng?

  2. Well, Joel, that is true, you have to come up with something more than just money. Not because money is not a good goal, but because every entrepreneur around the world wants the same thing. So you should try to come up with something else besides money. Try finding a formula which can state the fact that you want to be the best on the market or that you want to launch a product which will be revolutionary or a product that has been inspired by the innovative and open minded perspective of the new generation, which will provide huge incomes on a long-time base. These are just a few suggestions about the elements you can state as goals for your business. Try working with your marketing and sales managers to develop this part of the business plan as they might have more experience in finding the appropriate linguistic formula

  3. How can I present my goal in a more interesting manner if my real goal is just as simple as to manage to sell, sell, sell? Because I’m pretty sure that goal is not going to convince investors to fund my project… 🙁

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