How to build a Crowd Funding Land?

If you have a company which has a website of its own or just a blog where you write about your business ideas, you can develop a crowd funding land in order to make your company grow and become more powerful. But what does crowd fund mean and how can you get people to crowd fund you?

Click here to find out more about crowd funding operations <==== Crowd funding refers to organized network collaboration between people who believe in the same principles and who invest their money in order to help an idea grow. This type of funding takes place only on the online environment and it has a lot of advantages which venture capitalists and angel investors cannot provide. Crowd funding refers to persons who share the same goal and who are willing to place their money in sustaining it. Even if generally only the projects that are based on a common goal receive crowd funding, a tendency of sustaining start-up companies and small businesses by crowd funding has been noticed lately. But what are you supposed to do in order to make crowd funders land on your project? First of all, name your project. This is the first step to take not only in order to make people understand what your project is about, but also this is the most important thing to do in creating a brand that can turn on the interest of more persons. Afterwards, you should design a landing webpage for your project. This should be a separate page on which to state your goal and your objectives and the means by which you want to achieve them. You should make it look as professional as you can and you have to give all your interest into making it as visible as you can. Bringing traffic on this page should be one of your first and more important tasks when starting the business. It is only after reaching a good degree of visibility that you should run a more relaxed advertising campaign. Before that, your marketing strategies should be as aggressive as possible. Another thing you have to do when creating this webpage is thinking about tags. This way you can build a SEO friendly page and make sure that Google indexes your business on the first page of several types of researches. The tagging method can also help you find more interested persons to fund your project through the means offered by social media sites. Make sure to be very active on this webpage because this strategy will keep alive the interest your crowd funders have shown so far. Continuously interacting with your target audience can help you raise more funds and give a higher degree of visibility to your project. Click here in order to find about crowd funding operations <==== Do not forget to place a visible donations button on your webpage. Crowd funders can invest in a lot of projects, so teasing them by not making it easy for them to provide you funds will only work to your disadvantage. By creating this webpage and entertaining a close relation with your crowd funders you can gain their confidence and that will translate into money not only because they will use all the occasions in order to help you some more, but also because they will spread the news about your project to other interested persons who may take the decision of funding your company as well.


  1. Hi. You should try a more agressive advertising policy on the social media sites. Ask your friends to suggest you as much friends as you can and see which of these persons could be interested in your project. Moreover, spend time on forums and similar sites and add links towards your site. Add comments on all the blogs and forums that are in your field of activity. Ask everybody to talk about your project to other persons who might be interested in your business. Every time you manage to persuade somebody to invest in you, make sure to maintain a close relationship with that person because, if satisflied, it can spread the news and bring you much needed public through word-to-mouth marketing.

  2. How can I attract investors to my landing page? I have already told my friends about it, but I still didn’t manage to raise enough funds as to start my project.

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