How to Quickly and Easily Finish your Business Plan in 8 hours or Less

What is the Business Plan Short-Cut? It is all very simple and leads in a few very important steps to creating a successful business plan.

Once you have the idea, put it down. Professionals at Growthink, who have helped more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, suggest you write the most important and focus on strong keywords instead of writing long, complicated plans which the investors will not be able to keep up with.

Next, establish a capital. If you are raising capital, focus on how will lenders get back their money or how investors will get a return of their investment.

Click here to download your business plan template <==== You need to focus on risk mitigating milestones! This is an event that, when completed will make your company likelier to succeed. To be able to understand the concept, think of someone who wants to open a restaurant business. Basically, one will have to find the location, get the premises and licenses, build the restaurant, hire staff and establish monthly sales to be reached. So, while each milestone is reached, the risk of failure decreases significantly. Then, focus on why you will be likely to succeed? To render it down to four simple questions, before sitting down and creating your business plan, just answer this:

  1. What is your one-line business/company description?
  2. What does your financial model show?
  3. What are your risk mitigating milestones?
  4. Why are you likely to succeed?

The other six questions will enable you to create a business plan in less than 8 hours. The final answer? The Ultimate Business Plan Template! It is easy to use and you do not waste time because you type the answers, numbers or milestones in the document and you are done!

The Ultimate Business Plan Template also offers you information about competitors and free online help for your business plan. The unique formula will lead investors and lenders to a exciting business plan. And you will be able to stop wasting time and focusing on the growth of your business!

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