How to Conduct Market Research for Your Business

Conducting market research is the most important part of creating a new product, launching a business, or promoting a new service. After all, how can you know what people want without asking them? In order to provide people with exactly what they want, you need to conduct market research to obtain their feedback and ideas related to what you want to sell them. Only by obtaining information from a broad spectrum of the various demographics are you able to provide people with exactly what they want and even with what they need.

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Types of Market Research:

There are a few different types of market research you can conduct:

  • Interviews can be done in person or via the telephone.
  • Online surveys are becoming popular, as are surveys via the post and in shopping centers around the country.
  • Online questionnaires are used to obtain information from people, and many questionnaires are sent via the postal service.
  • Gathering a number of people into a focus group can help to provide information on the opinions and preferences of the overall market, especially when a wide range of potential customers participate in the group.

There is nothing that stipulates that a certain type of market research will provide you with more accurate information than the others, which is why many market research companies use a combination of the various methods to obtain the information.

Market Research Questions

Once you have determined your method of conducting the market research, it is vital that you ask the important questions that are an integral part of every market research study:

  • What is the most important factor to you when you consider buying this product or contracting this service?
  • What is it about the services and products that are currently available on the market that you either like or dislike?
  • Are there any ways that these products or services can be improved? If so, how?

What would you consider a price too high for this product or service? What would you consider too low? What is the best price? How much are you willing to pay?

These questions will help you to better understand the way that people think, which can provide you with all of the information you need to launch a product or create a service that will give people the most value for their money.

Secondary Data is Vital

Secondary data is another important part of gathering market research information that can help you to launch a successful product or service. Secondary data is information that has been compiled from market research studies done in the past. This information is able to provide you with historical data that can show you how market trends have changed over the last few years, as well as help you to find the products that have remained a constant in the market. By analyzing secondary data, you are able to use the information taken from the past in conjunction with the information from your current study to launch the product or service that will be as successful as possible.

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Common Mistakes made in Market Research

There are a few mistakes that are commonly made when carrying out market research, and it is vital to avoid these mistakes if you want your product or service to truly be successful:

  • Avoid using only the secondary data from past studies. Despite the fact that these published reports are great to give you historical information, you may find that the market trends have changed in as little as a few months.
  • Use as many resources as possible to gather information. Using only the internet or the telephone as a means of gathering information will only provide you with a portion of the information you need, which is why you need to use as many methods of gathering information as possible.
  • Always survey people that you don’t know. Avoid surveying family and friends if you want an accurate, honest answer.

As you can see, there are many ins and outs to market research. You will find that taking all of the above factors into account can provide you with the most accurate and useful information from your market research. Using the information provided, you are able to create a product or service that you can launch into success thanks to the fact that you know what people want.

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