How to Present Your Company to Angel Investors

Once you have located an angel investor that wants to hear about your new business concept, you still have a few more hurdles to face. You still must make your angel investor believe that your new concept is very viable and profitable. While you are strategizing on how to present your new idea, do not forget about these 3 things:

1. You are attempting to get capital.

2. You are attempting to get human capital too.

A lot of angel investors are willing to become advisers or board members. This can actually be beneficial because skillful investors and executives know what it takes to transfer new business concepts from paper to reality.

Learn more on Angel Investors funding! <==== 3. You are attempting to obtain an introduction to additional angel investors. A lot of angel investors would rather invest in a group in order to broaden the risk. In the end, this will give you a chance to obtain avenues of other possible funding. Generally, the first thing that a potential investor will give to an angel investor is a business plan. If the business plan passes the sniff test, the next thing would be to provide the investors with a PowerPoint presentation. Different from a business plan, this type of presentation usually requires interaction between the investors and investors in the form of a question and answer session. So, it would be in your best interest to be properly prepared to answer all questions. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following key points:

  1. A short description of the business concept.
  2. The business stage
  3. Why and how is your product different?
  4. Why and how your product will solve the problem at hand.
  5. Your targeted market
  6. How your business plans to earn income
  7. A list of your competitors. (Keep in mind, without this, it might indicate that you have not thoroughly researched your market and competitors.)
  8. The strengths of your management team.
  9. The anticipated timeline for accomplishing your goals
  10. Financial Projections complete with sources and how your funds will be utilized.

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