How to write the perfect business plan for a bakery

If your greatest passion is to cook and bake sweets and cakes and breads and you are more than 15 years old probably at least once in your life you have thought of opening a bakery shop. And probably you don’t know where to start. Funding, marketing, planning the everyday work – all these are just the beginning of your journey to the fulfilled dream. Getting the money to begin is the first step and taking a loan starts with business plan writing. Writing it you will not only face problems but also you will have the opportunity to realize that you are on the right track and to get a better idea what your future work will actually be.

There is easy way to write your business plan for less than 8 hours with this template: . Or you can go the hard way by following some rules:

  1. Show professionalism. The people who will read your business plan probably read many more also so keep only the important relevant details and don’t bother them with the color of the table cloth. When you make the description of your bakery concentrate on the size, location, nearby shops and companies that may affect the project – coffee shop or another bakery, big company without restaurant for the employees, etc.
  2. Describe your plan. How much you need for a start or how much you need for improvement. How are you going to spend the funds that the potential investors will give you? Don’t forget to include percentage for contingencies. This will make good impression showing that you are provident entrepreneur that have much more than optimistic forecasts.
  3. Make a list of your goods and the expected amounts that will be sold. Point out the reasons for these considerations. If you will offer wedding cakes or special ritual breads, if you plan to make bakery course in your shop for attracting of more customers and sort of advertisement this is the right place to mention your “out of the grid” intentions.
  4. Management issues. Do you have expertise in the aria or you will leave the management to someone else? If you are starting partnership business, point your and your partners’ fields of expertise. This will show if you need external help for accounting or operations planning and so on. Include attorneys and other advisors that will reflect on the business.
  5. Make marketing plan. Will you have promotions and what they will be? Discount for over 5 things, late afternoon discount, happy hour or else? What will be the pricing?
  6. Finances. What are your projections? What you expect as costs and what will be the profits? How much time you will need to return the investing and when you will start receiving clear profit. This is the place for numbers and dates.
  7. Make the executive summary and assemble the plan. Work over the details – font, size of the letters and overall look show how much this project means for you.

Good luck and don’t “frost” with too much charts, pictures and unnecessary decorations.

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  1. This is a good BUSINESS plan guides

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