The Enticing Executive Summary that Brings You Cash

You’ re ready to start being your own boss. Ready to turn your vision into reality and your plans into great revenue. Ready to live life in the fast lane, this time developing your own business. That’ s great news, it means you’ ve already finished your business plan, contacted business investors and got the cash you needed for your start-up. Or…was that one of your competitors?

WhatΓÇÖs holding you back from getting the capital for your business? The unfinished business plan and its drafts spreading all over the desk? The fear of being refused because you donΓÇÖt trust the persuasive quality of your executive summary? Or the long-expected answer of an investor whoΓÇÖs already rejected your business plan but did not bother to reply? Whatever the drawback may be, there is only one solution to all these problems: you MUST have a high-quality business plan and an enticing executive summary to accompany it and you will finish them TODAY. Watch this free presentation now and find out how to finish your plan in 8 hours or less!

Investors don’t bother to reply if their answer is negative…you find this lack of feed-back really discouraging and quite offending. The question is: are investors advisors, counselors or assistants? Well, they may become either of this, but only after you get funded. They have no obligation to carefully read and review the piles of business plans they get daily from would-be entrepreneurs. One small mistake that strikes them and your work will end up in the bin, either physically, or electronically. It could be a far-fetched financial projection, a spelling mistake or the wrong layout. It could be ANYTHING, and, as long as you’ve got a great business idea that has high chances of being successful, present it properly.

Why do you need an executive summary? Is it different from the contents page? It is something totally different. Your executive summary is the tool which helps you convince prospective business partners that your enterprise is worth investing. It must convince its readers to go through the rest of the plan and to finally meet you. Writing it and tailoring it to each investorΓÇÖs expectations is an art.

So, what will this executive summary include? Explain what your business is about, describe the target market, show how your product or service is going to satisfy the needs of your customers and prove that you are uniquely qualified to succeed.

Present your business idea and the unique features of the solution you have developed to a certain market problem. Be direct and clear. Establish your Value Proposition. Show the advantages of your product, the benefits of the community. Describe your target customers and your position on the market. State your competitive advantage as well and show you are aware of your both existing and future competitors. Explain how you are going to generate revenues. Investors want to know why you think your team is qualified to win, so make sure you answer this question in your executive summary. Make your financial projections believable and illustrate the chances for high ROI. Finally, ask for the necessary amount of money, which should not be smaller than you actually need.

ItΓÇÖs impossible to explain everything in a page or two. But itΓÇÖs crucial to state the essential in a persuasive way that stimulates interest and demonstrates a sense of reality and a flair for business. Investors will read the rest of your business plan and you will see your idea turn into an enterprise.

Watch this free presentation, finish your business plan today and maximize your chances of getting funded!


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  2. All executive summaries should be as ‘enticing’ as possible, I’d never read anything ordinary, a good businessman knows how to sell ideas and make cash

  3. Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

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