Why Write A Business Plan?

There are a lot of reasons why a business plan is crucial. For example, a start-up business needs a business plan to get organized, and to state the potential for business success. Established businesses need business plans to stay organized and on track, and to gain investors and loans. There are more reasons as to why you need a business plan.


When you create a business plan, you will be exposed to any flaws and concerns in your business operations. You’ll learn about the areas vulnerability, such as your profit margins, or your management. A good marketing analysis will point out the risk of starting a business. It will speak of too much competition in an area, or the lack of a target audience.

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Getting Loans:

One of the main reasons for a business plan is to secure a loan. The bank lenders need to see that you are able to manage and grow your business. You’ll need a business plan for operating and start up cost. You’ll also need money down the line for expansion. In short, the business plan is the summary of why a lender should grant you a loan, and how good of a risk that you’ll be to a lender.

Guides Your Success:

Your business plan gives your business plans and operations direction and focus. With this, you’ll create a solid game plan, and it will be more likely to succeed. Particularly in the case of a startup business, the business plan will ensure its success.


The business plan gives the management structure for the organization. You can detail in your business plan who manages what aspects of the business. It details responsibilities, expertise levels, and it details the operations of the managers.

It attracts investors:

Your business plan will lure investors to you. You can lure an angel, or a venture capitalist to invest in the business. When you have created a solid business plan, they’ll see that you are worth the investment.

So, when you are creating your business plan, make sure that you detail the important facts about your business. When you can include and speak of all your facts in detail, you’ll be confident. Lenders and investors want you to be confident in your venture.

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  1. It shluod not be considered as a good value investments as per the strategy of legend investor Warren Buffet because Any company have a debt more than two times of its yearly net profit

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