A Business Plan That Reveals Execution Skills

You have carefully planned the steps of your future business process and you have skillfully expressed them in your business plan. The next stage is finding capital, therefore what you need to do is contact suitable investors. You are aware they have certain expectations, however, you are not sure whether all the answers to their questions are found in your business plan.

What Do Investors Want?

It is simple: they admire your planning skills, but what they really need to see are your execution skills. Your ability to transform a vision into a real process, to face challenges and solve problems. All for an obvious reason: ROI. It is their main reason to invest, it is one of your reasons to start your own business. You may want to change the world with your revolutionary technology, contribute to job creation and to social development, but how is this possible without consistent revenue?

How Can You Prove Your Execution Skills? There are three main key aspects investors will be looking for.

First of all, all your predictions should be based on solid evidence. You need statistical data resulting from your market research. Answering questions referring to market size, potential customers, market trends, competitors and their strengths is only made possible with the help of real data surveys. This analysis will reveal your companyΓÇÖs growth potential and will also be a very useful tool throughout the unpredictable business process. You should use reports from various sources to ensure credibility and accuracy.

Secondly, as you are not alone in the business process, being impossible for you to implement all the strategies with no help at all, you need a high-quality management team. High-quality means knowledgeable and experienced. These features of the members of your team will be clearly emphasized in a separate chapter of your business plan. Expertise and execution skills will be revealed by each memberΓÇÖs previous experience in successfully developing a business and by their problem-solving skills. Their relevant accomplishments are converted to figures and figures are, again, the real data, the evidence investors need to see.

Finally, the exit strategy will be explained clearly. You need to read case studies of other similar companies in order to choose the best suitable option, that is, go public, merge, be acquired or sell. Getting wisely out of the business is as important as getting into it. The logical scenario will be based on your goals and on the type of business. Consider each option and be aware of its pros and cons.

If the above-detailed aspects have been ticked, then proceed to the next step, that is, contacting investors. Remember to maximize your changes of getting funded and consider investors function of their location, stage and industry preference.Choose wisely your future business partners.


  1. Investors’ expectations are our biggest concern. And, by the way, if I am a beginner and I have no previous business experience I will surely be over-concerned and nervous when I meet these investors…I guess I’ll need to practise my speech over and over again…

    Nice website, very professional-looking. And encouraging, too.

  2. From planning to execution there is a long way. Even from execution to success. You must be very strong and have an appetite for risk.

  3. This is very good website, congratulations.

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