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Plan Your Marketing

You know the importance of the Business Plan. But are you really aware of the importance of the marketing, and most of all, the importance of creating a good Marketing Plan? The Marketing Plan is essential to a great Business Plan, and, letΓÇÖs face it, you canΓÇÖt find the investment that you need so badly without including in your Business Plan a great Marketing Plan.

On the internet you can find countless ways to make a Marketing Plan. You are …

Why Are YOU Uniquely Qualified to Succeed?

If you havenΓÇÖt started writing the first draft of your business plan, here are some key points to focus on to make sure you will be able to have it finished as soon as possible. Why hurry? Well, your plan is not a novel that can bring you success and fame even at your retiring age. But its execution will. The business world keeps changing, and so do market trends, whatever idea you may have you need to plan and …

A Business Plan That Reveals Execution Skills

You have carefully planned the steps of your future business process and you have skillfully expressed them in your business plan. The next stage is finding capital, therefore what you need to do is contact suitable investors. You are aware they have certain expectations, however, you are not sure whether all the answers to their questions are found in your business plan.

What Do Investors Want?

It is simple: they admire your planning skills, but what they really need to …

A Strategic Marketing Plan For a Successful Business

Why is a marketing plan important?

Defining your target customers and identifying their needs are fundamental procedures of a successful business. It is impossible to design a product or a service without being aware of who is going to buy them. The questions that should arise are: Who needs my product? Whose needs will it satisfy? What are the benefits of using it? What are its advantages, the features that make it unique?

In order to define your target market …

The Enticing Executive Summary that Brings You Cash

You’ re ready to start being your own boss. Ready to turn your vision into reality and your plans into great revenue. Ready to live life in the fast lane, this time developing your own business. That’ s great news, it means you’ ve already finished your business plan, contacted business investors and got the cash you needed for your start-up. Or…was that one of your competitors?

WhatΓÇÖs holding you back from getting the capital for your business? The unfinished …

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