Ten Key Questions Your Venture Capital Presentation Must Answer

You’ll only have twenty to thirty minutes for your presentation, so make every minute count. Make your slide show concise. And, be prepared to answer any type of question about your company. You’ll need to know it inside and out.

The ten questions your venture capital presentation must answer are below:

1) What is your line of business? As concisely as possible, explain your company’s business.

2) What growth stage are you in? Depending on the facts, your company might be in the seed stage, early stage or late stage.

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3) What edge does your company have over other companies? Your company’s success might hinge on this crucial point. What makes your company outshine all the others at serving your customers’ needs? The answer might be proprietary technology, strategic partnerships with other companies, a stellar management team, or something else.

4) What market need does your company fulfill? Use independent research to demonstrate how your company’s product or service meets the needs of your target market. What have your customers said they would buy if they could, and what are they actually buying?

5) What market(s) does your company operate within? Once again using third-party research, identify your target customers and their locations.

6) How do you generate income? Describe your important sources of income. They might include affiliate marketing, purchases by customers, advertising, or something else.

7) Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and where are their weak spots? How do you plan to defeat your competition and erect barriers around your clientele? Keep in mind that your competition includes any product or service that fulfills the same needs as your company’s product or service.

8) Who is on your management team, and what makes them qualified to be there? Have your team members been working together for a lengthy period? Have they been successful at growing companies? You need to prove that your management team makes your company a smart investment.

9) What important milestones has your company already achieved? What are your key milestones for the future? These questions are actually asking for a chronology of your company. So, beginning in the past and moving forward to the future, specify the milestones pertinent to your company. These milestones might include timetables for when services will be provided to the public, when important products will be developed, when revenue will be generated, when important strategic partnerships will be initiated, when marketing strategies will be deployed, and so on.

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10) How much capital is necessary? Investors seek quick but significant returns on their investments. Remember this driving force when you’re presenting your funding needs to potential investors. Prove why your company is a dependable, trustworthy investment, based on realistic financial assumptions.

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