The Easy Way to Find Angel Investors

The chances of magically finding angel investors that are going to swarm all over your business idea are pretty slim if you simply join an online funding community that matches investors with entrepreneurs. This method of searching isn’t very effective because most angel investors prefer investing in close geographical vicinities rather than distance cities simply because they have a better idea of the markets. This is not to say that an angel investment group won’t ask you to fill out an application online.

Click here to discover how to get FREE MONEY for your business <==== You might be wondering how you go about finding angel investors. Following are a few methods you can use to find angel investors: Referrals You've probably hear that old say, ΓÇ¥It's not what you know, but who youΓÇ¥. For one thing, the first part of this statement is largely untrue when referring to angel investors. You want to be very intelligent and efficient when dealing with the business you are ready to start, but the latter part of the statement is definitely true. The easiest way to meet an angel investor is by referral. They will be more likely to listen to your presentation if you were referred to them by someone they have previously done business with. Networking

Networking to find angel investors simply expands upon the referral method. If you don’t know someone that can refer you to a group of angel investors, spend some time trying to meet more of the right kind of people, those you can share your ideas with. However, you want to be careful that you don’t give away any technological or trade secrets. The more people that hear about your idea, the faster the idea will snowball. This will increase your chances of being referred to the perfect angel investor for your company.

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Believe it or not, in the United States alone there are more than 9 million investors, mainly retired business owners and executives. You can try searching locally for retired executives and pitch your ideas to them. Being retired executives, these investors will have the funds and ideas you need to really get your business off the ground. It’s also a good idea to look for interested business owners. Many will have the capital to invest and are interested in diversifying their holdings. Finding interested business owners can be as cheap and simple as calling local businesses or as expensive as purchasing a very focused list of businesses.

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